Cottonwood Valley

Cottonwood can be mainly described as an beginner/intermediate system with some advanced trails thrown into the mix. Two starting points are typical, in the town of Blue Diamond (at McGhie’s Bike Shop) and the parking area called Late Night (off Route 160 heading to Pahrump). The system includes climbing as the town of Blue Diamond sits at the lowest point of the “bowl”, which is a gradual elevation drop off the Spring Mountain Range (the Red Rock range). Starting in Blue Diamond, you will be directed to go “clockwise” or “counter-clockwise”. Both are fine, the general public goes CW, CCW gives you a bit more of challenge. There is a lot to discuss in Cottonwood so we’ll go into detail per section.

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Trails described in this section are:
3 Mile Smile
Reds Valley
Badger Pass
Inner Loop
Dead Horse Loop
Late Night
Black Velvet
Ducky Trail
Hidden Valley
The Hurl