David Jaget, President. Entrepreneur, Capitalist, Physician and Patriotic freedom loving American who just wants to peddle the greatest trails in the world. David is a long time resident of Las Vegas and has traveled around the world in search of that beautiful place to ride, and ends up finding it right in his backyard.  Understanding the beauty of the Las Vegas area and the peacefulness of riding a mountain bike, David pushes to keep our community together as a single voice in order to keep trail access open, trails in riding condition and to put forth that love of riding a bike.

Erik Montville, Vice President/Secretary.  Erik has been mountain biking since the late 1980′s and enjoys riding anything that has two wheels - so don’t be surprised to see him on the road or a singlespeed.  He has a passion for extreme technical trails, but like a lot of our board, don’t overlook when he is riding with a beginner group, because he wants to see people enjoy bikes at any level.  You’ll see Erik riding the local Cowboy Trails and Bootleg Canyon, as well as some XC out in Cottonwood.  As a founding member, he believes all mountain bikers should be part of IMBA/SNMBA because they need a voice for local trail access and design locally here in SoNV as well as beyond into the future outlying areas.

RodneyMTB,  Board Member.  RodneyMTB is a staple in the Las Vegas mountain bike community and beyond.  He is a founding member of SNMBA and has been working extremely hard to get Las Vegas more mountain biking friendly, and has a strong relationship with the Forestry Service and BLM.  He has a passion for SNMBA and all the trails in the Valley, always working hard to make sure everyone is having a good time.  If you run into RodneyMTB, he’ll be on his SC Bullit or Tallboy XC, riding his favorite trails:  Twilight and Cowboy, as well as Middle Kyle in Mt. Charleston, and try to keep up if you can!  RodneyMTB enjoys riding Southern Utah trails such as Gooseberry and Little Creek riding choppy technical trails, and is a strong XC rider as well, riding in events like Whiskey 50.  If you see RodneyMTB on the trail, he loves those Oklahoma Sooners!

Kenny Newby, Board Member/Group Ride Liaison.  Kenny is another one of the common figures in our Las Vegas MTB community, as he has been coordinating Wednesday night meet ups for over 3 years.  He is a true “local”, and seeing Kenny on the trail is as common as a seeing a barrel cactus, but he is much more friendlier!  You will see Kenny at any event putting in his time and effort to SNMBA, IMBA, trail maintenance, or any other event that is geared toward mountain biking.  Kenny is a very good technical rider, but don’t let him fool you if he’s riding with a group of beginners, because that’s his style - he wants to see everyone out there and will do what it takes to get them on the trails.

Jon Blum, Board Member/Legal.  Jon is one of our most passionate riders that will do anything for you at any time.  He rode his first mountain bike around 1990 in sunny SoCal.  When the technology caught up with his skills, he re-discovered mountain biking when living in Colorado.  Relocating to Las Vegas in 2005, he has been exploring what the local trails and region has to offer since then, and sometimes finds himself on a road bike as well.  As a fouding member of SNMBA, the group has allowed Jon to meet other riders, find great trails, and provide extensive pro bono services to its numerous outlaw members.  He rides a 26er, wants a 29er, but is finding himself seeking a balance in the middle: 27.5.

Ashlie Watters, Board Member/Trip Liaison.  Ashlie has been mountain biking for about 3 years and a SNMBA board member since June 2013.  She was introduced to this by a friend who noticed how stressed she was when she was writing her master’s thesis, and thus convinced her to plunk $1,000 on her first mountain bike (a 35 lb Diamondback!) and gear.  After a few weeks, she was addicted!  She is committed to trail work, participating in several trail maintenance and building days, and thinks the best way to show your appreciation for your local trails is to join in on one of the SNMBA trail days and help put in work.  Ashlie favorite trails are Bear’s Best, Bootleg, and the north side of Cottonwood.  Because of her competitive spirit, she supports the local race scene, even competing in Enchilada Enduro in Moab.  Although she says she rarely wins, she enters the races because she loves to ride.  Ashlie is determined to catch up to some of the best mountain bikers in the Vegas valley!