SNMBA Leadership


President - Erik Montville

ErikMy name is Erik Montville and I’ve been living in Las Vegas since 2001 and in Summerlin since 2002. I’m married to a wonderful Las Vegas native who tells me what Vegas life used to be like, and has two beautiful kids who I will tell them the same one day. I work in the Durable Medical Equipment field providing mobility equipment for children with disabilities. (Find us on Facebook: Desert Medical Rehab).

I’ve been into bikes all my life. Riding at 3 years old, getting the old Schwinn Sting Rays of the 70’s, BMX and freestyle in the 80’s with the very first Mongooses and Haros, and then my first mountain bike in 1989, a Giant Iguana. From there, my love of bikes never stopped. I ride road single-speed, cross- country and whatever the new terms are today for trail riding. So Enduro!

Born and raised in New England, I spent most of my life in SoCal cutting my teeth on the trails of Orange County (Aliso Woods) and Inland Empire (Murrieta, Fontana, Corona, etc) as well as the DH scene of Big Bear in the 90’s. After moving to the west side of Las Vegas in 2001, I fell in love with the technical terrain of Cowboy Trails, then a small new trail system. I have been a part of SNMBA in some shape and fashion since its inception, but not truly part of its body until last year. We have a long way to go to build our mountain bike community as strong as the equestrian and hiking communities, but we are getting there a little bit every day. My hope is that we can come together as a bigger group to see the larger picture of making Southern Nevada one of the best places to ride a bike in the U.S. Each day, I want to be there for you, representing your voice and needs, and I can only do that with support. Bikes are my love (besides my family of course!), and if you ride one, we have a common goal: to ride!

Vice President - Kenny Newby

KennyKenny is another one of the common figures in our Las Vegas MTB community, as he has been coordinating Wednesday night meet ups for over 3 years.  He is a true “local”, and seeing Kenny on the trail is as common as a seeing a barrel cactus, but he is much more friendlier!  You will see Kenny at any event putting in his time and effort to SNMBA, IMBA, trail maintenance, or any other event that is geared toward mountain biking.  Kenny is a very good technical rider, but don’t let him fool you if he’s riding with a group of beginners, because that’s his style – he wants to see everyone out there and will do what it takes to get them on the trails.

Secretary - Ashlie Waters 

AshlieAshlie has been mountain biking for about 4 years and a SNMBA board member since June 2013.  She was introduced to the sport by a friend who noticed how stressed she was when she was writing her master’s thesis, and thus convinced her to plunk $1,000 on her first mountain bike (a 35 lb Diamondback!) and gear.  After a few weeks, she was addicted!  She is committed to trail work, participating in several trail maintenance and building days, and thinks the best way to show your appreciation for your local trails is to join in on one of the SNMBA trail days and help put in work. 

Ashlie’s favorite trails are Bear’s Best, Bootleg, and the north side of Cottonwood.  Because of her competitive spirit, she supports the local race scene and hopes to see more enduro races in the valley.  Although she claims she rarely wins, she enters the races because she loves to ride and meet other chick cyclists.  Ashlie is determined to catch up to some of the best mountain bikers in the Vegas valley!!  To keep things interesting, Ashlie has a few different bicycles in the stable, which include Specialized Stumpjumper, Fatboy, and Crux.  She is one of the most friendly faces you will see on the trail and she looks forward to riding with you!

Treasurer - Brett Call

BrettI have lived in Las Vegas since 1989 with the exception of a couple of years away at school and 2 years on a mission in Argentina. I am a tax manager working for a local CPA firm and have been mountain biking for almost 5 years. Always a fan of aggressive trail and all mountain bikes, my bikes have included a Santa Cruz Butcher, Santa Cruz Nomad and now on a Specialized Stumpy Evo 29. Although I thought I would never get into 29ers, I now feel that the big wheel size fits my 6’2” frame well and suits our rolling desert terrain. I initially got into mountain biking because I couldn’t snowboard in the summer and then joined SNMBA to be in the loop on the local MTB scene and to learn about new trail projects. Eventually I became involved with leadership because I was asked to help and our “in house council” loves having a CPA for a treasurer. My favorite trails are typically fast, flowy and active, I pretty much learned how to bike doing shuttle laps on tin can, but also know variety is always a good idea. I like to earn my turns as well, depending on the day. Love dips, twists and turns and I get the most excited on a bike when I can find natural little doubles and transitions that aren’t so obvious. What I wants for SNMBA: a rise in the level of stoke in Vegas, more sense of community and more trails.   

Board of Directors

Jon Blum - Legal Advisor

JonJon has served on the Board of SNMBA since its founding in 2010.  He got his first mountain bike in the early 1990’s in Southern California (Nishiki something or other).  He rekindled his mountain biking interest while living in Colorado, and has been riding trails in Vegas and Southern Utah since moving here in 2005.  SNMBA retained Jon as its in-house counsel, paying him $25,000 monthly to handle all of their legal needs.  After 5 years, he retired and bought a Pivot Mach 429, and can be found at all of our local trails, from Cottonwood and Cowboy, to Bear’s Best and Bootleg.  Favorite MTB destination: Sedona. Preferred wheel size: 29” and proud. Racing accomplishments: None.  Longest MTB ride – 55 miles in Prescott. He’s a roadie too, but only sometimes.  Jon is very proud of the growth and accomplishments of SNMBA, and knows we are on the verge of big things in 2015.

Join. Participate. Ride. 

Jonnie Temple – Webmaster

JonnieJonnie “Dangerously” Temple is SNMBA’s Internet liaison.  Jonnie and some unnamed Internet gnomes manage the website and the social media presence for SNMBA. So when you @SNMBAORG on twitter or post to our Facebook page, he is probably the first to see it. Jonnie is a technophile through and through, and his helmet usually looks something like Batman’s utility belt wired up with tech. Don’t think he’s your regular basement dwelling geek, just like you he’d rather be on the trail; so if you see him, stop him for a picture, and he’ll gladly feature you on the SNMBA Instagram.  When Jonnie isn’t crashing at Bootleg or Cowboy, his mild mannered alter ego can be found managing the infrastructure for

Holly Priest - Race Liaison

HollyOne of the newest members of the leadership, Holly had a slow start in mountain biking 6 years ago when she was thrown onto an old hard tail with no gloves and given a hearty push. She came into her own in the sport when she bought her first bike: a Gary Fisher Sugar 4. Then she found one of the great loves her life, a Giant Reign and has not looked back since. In her real world job she occupies her time being an attorney when she isn’t riding and tries to find time to race whenever possible. Her joy of racing translated into her position as race liaison, a position created to promote racing and the benefits to the community that come with it. Right now, her focus is on featuring local races, drumming up local rider support for such events and participating in those races as much as possible. This includes SNMBA support with their tent and donuts, racing with the SNMBA jersey and volunteering. Eventually, SNMBA hopes to put on races of their own and this can definitely happen with support from a strong and active membership.  Look for the racing schedule posted on our blog here for more information on how you can participate, whether that be holding a cowbell on the sidelines or slapping on a race plate and joining the fun.


Patrick Kell – IMBA Southwest Regional Director

PatrickIMBAs Southwest Regional Director grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and started riding there in 1992. He studied Geography at John Moores University in Liverpool, England and also spend 9 months working on community service and wildlife management projects in Zimbabwe and Namibia. During summer 1999 Patrick worked for the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps at Silver Lake State Park, Barnard, VT and stayed with the youth corps until 2006, working in various positions including Program Manager and Grants Director. Patrick was also involved in several local mountain bike clubs in Vermont, along with the state-wide organization, the Vermont Mountain Bike Association (VMBA). In late 2006 he began working for VMBA as the first Executive Director of that organization, focused on legalizing trails on state land; developing new access in the Green Mountain National Forest; hosting a mountain bike development conference for ski resorts from throughout the northeast; and presenting an annual festival and movie nights. Patrick stayed with VMBA until fall 2011, and then started with IMBA as Southwest Regional Director in early 2012. Patrick is currently based in Prescott, AZ working on all manner of mountain bike advocacy projects including trails master planning projects in Caliente, and NV, Kanab, UT and a bike park in Tucson, AZ all in conjunction with local IMBA chapters. Patrick is stoked on the IMBA moto ‘long live long rides’ and rides regularly, sometimes a quick spin on local trails and sometimes long distance backcountry epic rides.