KHS 29er Prototype Piloted By Kevin Aiello

KHS 29er Prototype Piloted By Kevin Aiello

Kevin Aiello Prototype KHS 29er DHKevin Aiello was sporting a new set of wheels at the Mob-N-Mojave Race in Boulder City, NV today. It is pretty typical for racers to get the latest and greatest. The difference is that this one is a 29er. Kevin said that it handles awesome, both in the air and in corners. Click here to see the full size image. Opinions?

We will have a bunch more photos coming from the KHS pit late tomorrow (2/15). Stay tuned!



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  1. Troy Freet

    My initial reaction is to say that the BB is way too high for DH with a 29er. Having said that, I am constantly amazed by how well my Stumpy Evo 29 handles the steep stuff.

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