Cowboy Trails Photos

SNMBA members resting midway through Kibbles n Bits.

SNMBA members resting midway through Kibbles n Bits.

Cowboy Trails are a legend here in Las Vegas.  A trail system that is definitely a black diamond style trail with great XC mixed in.  Build next to and within existing the Cowboy Trail Rides, we share many of the trails within this network, as well as some hiking trails.  These trails are not for the weak at heart as one mistake can lead to some of your DNA left on the trails.

Trails start at the parking lot, “Cowboy Trail Rides” which is 1 mile past the Red Rock entrance.  Going from the parking lot, you’ll have to climb.  There is no option yet for DH from the top (how sweet that would be though!).  Beginning the climb, you can choose the most direct, Bunny Trail to Fossil (which can be periodically chewed up by horses) or up Kibbles n’ Bits which is equestrian free.  They end at the same intersection, but pick your poision - K&B is fun but challenging, Bunny->Fossil is also fun but less technical.  From that intersection, you have multiple options to get to the top which is highly recommended.  Check out our Trails Section to view your options.  If you choose the shortest most direct route or a longer finger loop, it doesn’t matter, the view from the top is the best in the valley, hands down.

SNMBA riders at the top of the ride at Boneshaker and Little Jimmy.

SNMBA riders resting at the infamous overlook at the top of Cowboy Trails. SNMBA riders resting at the infamous overlook at the top of Cowboy Trails.


At the top, refuel, rehydrate, take lots of pictures, and choose your return route.  Are you an experienced technical rider, strong XC, or intermediate rider?  Knowing your ability (I won’t TELL you where to go, you decide), choose to return the direction you came with some alternate loops, or for you who want a challenge, head down the technical routes: Bomb Voyage, Bob Gnarly, or Bone Shaker - all aptly named.  These are technical, rocky, and at times, steep.  Returning the direction you ventured up, you can choose many alternate loops to gain more miles.  Our club riders have done the Full Cowboy Challenge which is 35 miles and over 5,000 feet of climbing.


SNMBA Member Rich DeYoung crushing it at the end of Bob Gnarly Trail.

Enjoy these trails, be careful, and have a great time!


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