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Seattle is different from the majority of the significant cities in the United States because it is entirely possible to get a great idea of what Seattle is and this city’s rich culture throughout a day trip. You will not be able to fit everything in your travel plan, with 24 hours at your disposal, you will be able to delight in the highlights of the city.

The city has seen a 20% boost in its population considering that 2010, and there are not any indications that the development will decrease anytime quickly.

Unless you are a local, you will need to be gotten ready for the weather condition throughout your day of Seattle trips. Seattle has infamous credibility for having a few of the worst weather condition in the nation. It is frequently referred to as rainy, dismal, and dark.

Obviously, it does rain, but it never ever genuinely puts. This implies that Seattle is not understood for torrential storms and rainstorms that prevail in other locations.

The best method to be prepared is to make sure you have a raincoat loaded and anticipate it to sprinkle while you are there. It will be immediately apparent to the residents that you are a traveler if you use an umbrella.

You can delight in the clear skies, sunlight, and comfy temperature levels if you choose to check out throughout the summertime.

Seattle is a really gorgeous city, but it is not likely that you will not have adequate time throughout your trip to go hiking. You will have the ability to take pleasure in the evergreen trees throughout the city. On a clear day, you will have the ability to see Mt. Rainier, and you might even see a bald eagle or two.

With that said, here are some necessary sightseeing ideas as recommended by SNMBA Sightseeing Tours:


You can go to the place that is inside Caffe Lieto if your hotel is near Pike Location Market. Remember, and this place can be harder to discover than the others because it is within the marketplace, and it does not have its sign. These three places are best to have a great breakfast.


  • Pike Location
  • Leader Square

Check Out the Seattle Community

Invest some time in one of Seattle’s communities if you want to get out of the traveler locations. Everyone has its unique taste.

You can quickly invest the latter half of your day in simply this area. There is the Fremont giant, the Lenin statue, and the Fremont Vintage Shopping mall that was included in Macklemore’s video, Thrift Shop.

You definitely should have a scrumptious meal to put the cherry on top of your Seattle one day trip. There are perfect alternatives for every single spending plan. A few of the local favorites are Frelard Pizza Business, Penis ‘s Drive-in, and Revel.

Needless to state that no matter what you select to do throughout your one day trip to Seattle, you will have a complete travel plan. That is why the city is frequently described as the Wonderland of the Pacific North.

Sundown Tours

You might want to get on a boat as the sun is setting if you want to see Seattle at its most stunning. These trips are particularly created to show you a few of the most spectacular views in Seattle. These trips have a lot of environments and can be extremely romantic.

Historic Tours

Seattle has an abundant history that can be extremely remarkable. If you have an interest in discovering more about the city’s history from an educated guide, then a historical boat trip may be precisely what you have been trying to find.

Unwinding Tours

If you’re searching for a method to relax, but would also like to see more of the city, there are boat trips that are ideal for you. Great deals of tours in the place are particularly said to be unwinding.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding SUP Surfing Instructions for Beginners

Four Guys Arrive On Huge Stand Up Paddleboard - 2012 Paddle for Privates Charity SUP Event - Newport Beach, CA


The vast majority of stand-up paddlers get their recreation on flat water such as your local lakes or rivers.

What’s interesting to note is that the sport of stand-up paddling started in Hawaii where there are large ocean waves.

The sport of SUP started in Hawaii (you can learn more about the history of SUP here: because it was an easier method for catching waves compared to a traditional surfboard. It is easier because you are already standing and the paddle gives you the ability to pick up speed and get on a wave that you normally could not on a trad surfboard.

But surfing and surfing on a SUP are not the same. A SUP has its unique tendencies and characteristics and you need to learn the proper surfing techniques to accurately control your SUP.

Safety is one of the first things you need to consider about SUP board surfing. You are not required to wear a life jacket while surfing, but you need to be aware of the dangers you are facing.  And you should be an excellent swimmer if you are not going to use a life jacket or personal flotation device.

You need to take common-sense precautions while surfing. You should never surf or be out in the water on your own, and you should know the water and weather conditions before you go out.

You should be wearing a leash that connects to your paddleboard when you go out into the water.

You have many different options when picking a leash for your board. A good rule of thumb to use is to pick a leash that is the length of your board. This is the ideal length for a leash because it gives you enough room to remain in control of your board while also being able to get far enough away from your board to prevent any injuries.

For SUP surfing straight leashes are also a better option than a coiled leash. You often see coil leashes in traditional surfing, but the reason why a straight leash is better for SUP is because of the paddle. It is easier for a paddle to get caught in a coiled leash than it is a straight leash.

And finally, you will want to wrap the leash around whichever one of your legs is closest to the tail of the board. That way it won’t trip you up while you’re on the wave.

As you are learning the basics of SUP surfing safety is important not only for yourself but also for those around you. That’s why when you are beginning to learn to SUP surf you want to choose beaches with no one around and only surf on waves that are 1 to 2 ft tall. and you want to make sure that there is no one else close to you in the water in case you lose control of your board.

Ideally, you’ll want to find a beach that has a soft sandy bottom, with the wave breaking away from the beach.  This is ideal because while you are learning, you will inevitably fall and a sandy bottom is the softest surface to fall onto.

It’s also super helpful if you can find a spot that has light wind blowing offshore. This means that the wind is coming off of the land onto the water.

This makes the waves easier to catch as well as to surf on. Of course, this is an ideal situation and not everyone will be able to find these conditions, but it’s great if you can because this keeps the waves nice, smooth, predictable, and easy to learn how to surf.

3 Important Things to Learn About SUP Surfing:

The first thing to learn about SUP surfing is to get up and launch the paddleboard and get through the initial breaking waves.

The second thing to learn is catching and riding the wave.

And of course, the third thing is to learn how to surf while you are on the wave. This is the most advanced and difficult part of the three.

Since this is about learning how to SUP surf we are going to focus on the beginning part of how to catch a wave.

The two main parts about catching a wave to surf are, one being in the right position to catch the wave, and then you need to learn how to commit to the wave you had chosen to surf. It sounds easier than it is.

When you are waiting to catch a wave, it is best to wait and line up perpendicular to the incoming waves. This makes it easier for you to quickly turn in the direction that the wave is moving in and get right on top of it.

As you are waiting to catch the wave it’s important to position your paddle in the water in front of your toes.  This is also called the toe side of the board.

When you see an ideal wave to surf, immediately start making some smooth but powerful strokes to get going on the wave and down the face of the wave.

You’ll know you have timed this correctly and paddled hard enough because after about four to six strokes the wave will catch up with you and lift the back part of your board as it gets under you and starts to carry your weight forward.

Once the wave is carrying you forward you need to lean forward into it to propel yourself down the face of the water.

Once you have caught the wave then you need to move your feet back on the board more towards the rear and now you are in a traditional surfing stance.

Now that you are riding the wave you don’t want to just go straight, you want to angle your board so that you are about on the bottom third of the wave. This is also called the pocket of the wave.

This way you have maximum control on the way yet also you still have the energy of the wave to propel you forward.

When your beginning it is easiest to have your toes face into the wave and also have the paddle angled towards the breaking wave as well. This gives you maximum stability while surfing.

Well, SUP surfing is fun, and it might look easy, don’t be discouraged if it takes you a long time to pick it up. While it only has a few techniques to master it takes time to learn how to feel it and to ride the way of correctly.

We hope you got a lot out of this tutorial.  We are passionate about stand up paddleboards and SUP surfing here at SNMB and we hope that you will consider coming back to us to read and learn more about water sports and healthy lifestyles.…

Tours In Seattle, Washington Information and Tips

Seattle, WA is a great place to live and work in. The people that make their home in the area are pleased with all that there is to see and do. They also love that they can make a good living at what they like to do and live well. When visitors come to Seattle, WA, they enjoy all the festivities that are common in the region. There is a lot to appreciate about Seattle, WA and one the best ways to get accustomed to the beauty of Seattle is to take a tour on a boat.

Seattle, WA

Seattle is located on the Puget Sound in the northwest area of the Pacific. It’s the largest city in Washington State. Seattle is surrounded by water and therefore, people of all ages enjoy boat tours when they are in the area. The city is known for a large building called the Space Needle and is a tech company giant with Amazon and Microsoft having headquarters in the region. Bill Gates of Microsoft was actually born in Seattle. With 3.9 million residents, it is the 15th largest city in all the United States The city has a very picturesque skyline that is admired by people worldwide. With seven hills surrounding it also has a lot of sights to be seen.

Great Tours In Seattle, WA

What are the best tours in Seattle? Well, that’s subjective, but boat tours are fantastic in Seattle. They are tours for all different types of scenic value, purpose, and prices. The boat tours are extremely in Seattle because it is a city that is surrounded by water. People of all ages enjoy getting on a boat and seeing the sights in this way. Here are 5 of the most popular boat tours in Seattle and there are many more that residents and visitors can choose from at any given time:

1. Seattle Locks Cruise – Round Trip Boat & Bus Package – This is a boat cruise for the young and old to enjoy. The scenery is awesome and the people on the cruise are friendly. Since this a boat cruise that is popular, people will want to call ahead of time and place their reservations.

2. Seattle’s Sightseeing and Cocktail Cruise – Fantastic time are in store for people that want to enjoy sightseeing in Seattle via a boat. This is the cocktail cruise that offers splendid service while seeing the sights by water transport. What a great way for residents and visitors alike to enjoy Seattle.

3. San Juan Island Whale Watching & Friday Harbor Day Trip From Seattle – Whale watching is another way for people to enjoy the waters while they are in Seattle. Getting to see the whales up close is fascinating. It’s something that they will never forget and they will want to have a camera handy for plenty of great photo opportunities.

4. One Hour Sightseeing Cocktail Cruise – For one hour of time, people will be able to see the sights by water that they can’t by land. This is an excellent boat tour for people that have other plans for the rest of the day and night.

5. Seattle Locks Cruise – One Way Stay & Play – People can take a one-way trip on the Seattle Locks Cruise. This takes them on the scenic waterway and drops them off so that they can experience all that there is to do. They will really enjoy a day like this so they should take along any type of gear that they might need while they are planning to sightsee.

How Much Are The Tours?

The prices will vary depending on which tour a person wants to take. If they have a specific budget in mind, they will want to do a search to find the boat tours that fall into their price range. Otherwise, they will want to contact the tour company for prices and they will want to take advantage of any sales, promotions or discounts that are being offered at any given time.

How Is Payment Made For Tours In Seattle?

People can make payments for their boat tours by cash, check or credit cards. In many cases, the boat tour companies want people to process payment online. It’s easier for the person and then they are already paid for when they get to the boat dock. They will be able to move to the front of the line ahead of the people that are waiting to purchase tickets. In many cases, this will allow a person to get a better seat position on the boat.

Are Reservations Needed For Tours?

They are in some cases so a person will want to make sure that they call the boat tour company to find out if they need to make reservations. They will most likely want to make them anyway, especially if they have a large group of people in their group. Having reservations will ensure that there are enough spots on the boat that are reserved at the time that they want to go on it.

What Clothing Should A Person Wear?

When taking a boat tour, a person will want to dress for the weather. Seattle has all four seasons, so at different times of the year, they will need to dress for the hot or cold. At all times, no matter when they are taking their boat tour, they should always bring a jacket because it will get cool on the waters.

People that live in and visit Seattle, WA have been enjoying the boat tour opportunities for years. They know that there are plenty available for them to access and that they are worth the money. Since they will receive great service as they take a tour of the area by boat, it’s one of the best ways to enjoy Seattle and many people do so as soon as they get there. It’s well worth the price to take a boat tour of this beautiful city.…

Taking Some Friends On A Bike Tour

Nevada Magazine visited Southern Nevada Tours to ride mountain bikes to feature our area in an upcoming issue. If you don’t know about Nevada Magazine, they work with the Nevada Division of Tourism to promote our state and the activities, sights, and well being of people and places you can enjoy. Janet Miller (Managing Editor), Jasmine Jacobs (Associate Editor) and Ross Hudgens (Associate Friend) contacted SNMBA to say they’d like to ride mountain bikes in our area and promote our region as a mountain bike destination. We were pleased to help them with their project! Flying down from Reno, they had to rent some bikes, and with the assistance of Albert and Tiffany at Irwin Cycles, they got some Devinci rides which we picked up for them and brought to Latenight since they were coming from Pahrump. An early windy morning didn’t seem like it was going to be good, but after getting on the trail, everything was turing out great!

We set up the bikes, then headed out to the lower tunnel to beat a group of 14 from the Royal Air Force (England) led by Yasmin McCaffery at Broken Spoke. The slow grind and exhausting trek up Badger Pass allowed us to meet up with the RAF and chat for a bit. They were using mountain biking while they were here on an assignment as a team building exercise to learn to work as a group. Our work to get to the top of Badger was paid off by a great decent down the lower half of Red Valley. They all thoroughly enjoyed that trail, “Best I’ve ever ridden” and “Awesome!” were exclaimed! Heading to White Rhino, carefully taking the trail for the less experienced rider, we headed to the upper tunnel to decide which way to head on the north side of the highway. Gregor, such a trooper, was experiencing some asthma complications and being off the bike for a very long time, chose to head back to the car to ready the beers, and allow us four to head out to Latenight Trail so Will could get some great pictures. He took some great action shots of myself, Sam, and Randy, and I even got one of Crystal in action in the wash at the end of Latenight. He definitely experienced the power of dual piston brakes!

We ventured along, making sure they enjoyed the scenery and some conversation about what we are doing with the area and how BLM is moving in a more positive direction, comparing their northern region to ours. As a community, we definitely have a long way to go when we hear how connected the mountain bike community is in other areas and how they pull together for a common cause. We spoke of the signage issue, and how this is going to change soon. Also noted how many of the trails need simple love and attention to get them to wear properly and to keep erosion down to a minimum. But, I pointed out, that Cottonwood is one of the primary areas we would send out-of-state riders to without knowing their skill level. It’s safe. You can ride for 5, 10, 40 miles and enjoy many different types of terrain all while knowing if something was to happen to you or your friend, a Jeep road is not far away and that the area is so commonly used, you will not be stranded long before help arrives. Sure, there are other areas with more techy terrain, but for the general mountain biker or one who wants an epic long ride, Cottonwood really is the place to start. There’s just so much to choose from.

After heading toward Landmine Loop from Little Daytona, we headed to BFR to make the turn to go up to the legendary Ducky Trail. Takling the last two hills before Ducky, we collected ourselves and that last bit of energy to check out the infamous tree and that grind back to the car. As we approached Ducky, something was amiss: Ducks. Only 4 ducks were on there. I did not know if was migration season and that these little buggers were flying north for the summer. We know that the BLM has said that they are not taking the ducks and they can stay because of the iconic nature of the tree and it is not causing any undue harm to the tree, so it must be someone with an agenda. We just don’t know. It was kind of a let down to get that “tourist” hyped up on something on the trail I have to show them, something that is so well known, only to show them something so, well, pathetic. They mentioned they had a “shoe tree” in Reno/Tahoe and it became a legend in the area, something parents would tell their kids about. The tree ultimately was cut down. Imagine, tiny plastic ducks, posing no harm, but the limb being cut down instead, or worse, the entire Joshua Tree. I’m not condoning putting the ducks there, but as it happens, it happens, and it should be left alone. Joining SNMBA can give us a bigger voice to speak out on behalf of the trail system, so go here.

At the end of the ride, everyone was very happy and pleased with the ride. Although Cottonwood was the only trail system ridden, it was enough to get a great taste of what Southern Nevada has to offer. Beers were opened, stories were told and recollected (flats included), and the pure enjoyment of the bikes (thank you Irwin Cycles) and weather. We couldn’t have been happier to assist Janet, Handy and Bart and show them around on a good loop, providing information and just building a good friendship. Mountain bikes bring friends together. What a wonderful day!

Thank you again to Adam, Jericho and Robert (and Rich Mueller for helping). – Sam Bonville, President…